Thursday, 15 October 2009

"Chorus Philippines"

greatttttt...I've just watched choir concert presented by "Chorus Philippines".. They were not just sing church songs, but secular songs too. "Rasa Sayange", "Bengawan Solo", "Ondel-Ondel" was very funny, fantastic and great... and just let you know, they admitted that "Rasa Sayange" was Indonesia's folk song. And the most surprising me, they also sang Mbah Surip's song-> "Tak Gendong" with a lot of funny choreography, and they had just practiced that song this morning..Lol.. Beside that, they also sang a few of asia cultural songs, like India song, Taiwan, and Philippines too. As we know together, philippines was just hit by flash flood, so that some of chorus members couldn't come to Indonesia, so they were only 16 people could come to Indonesia. Though they were only 16 people however they sound like there were more than 40 people. They were very excited. It was the best choir that I've watched.
And All of the songs was arrangement by Joy T Nilo, one of a great musician from Philippines.

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